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Côte d’Azur | „Boiled water“, Provence butter and other surprises

Whether at the seaside or in the hinterland – without the typical herbs of Provence and the wonderful vegetables and fruits nothing goes and no matter where you eat(s), the aromarich ingredients always play an important role, even if not always the main role.

Lavender, thyme, sage, mint, rosemary, but also tarragon, savory and oregano are typical herbs that can be found not only in large areas under cultivation, but also wild along paths and meadows. They give the special touch to every dish and the art in the domestic or also gastronomic kitchen consists in composing the flavors in such a way that they complement and support each other perfectly.

„Aigo-boulido“, the „boiled water“ of Provence, is a wonderful example of the variety of herbal flavors: the soup used to be used for leftovers, because they used bread from the lecture. The aromatic soup lives on a lot of garlic, various herbs such as bay leaf, thyme and fennel herb and a lot of parsley.

Vegetable dishes, such as the worldwide known and appreciated ratatouille made of eggplants, sweet peppers, tomatoes and onions has also advanced from a „poor man‘s food“ to a classic of southern French cuisine. And since garlic is also considered the „truffle of Provence“ (even though there are real truffles in the woods!), there is no getting around the original aïoli sauce. This was originally made only from garlic, fleur de sel and olive oil and eaten with bread. No wonder that without the Provence butter hardly anything goes.

Born out of necessity, is also a cheese specialty that is still exceptional and protected as a Site remarquable du Goût. Because goats do not give milk in winter, people in Banon, a small town in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence mountains, came up with the idea of preserving goat cheese for the winter. To do this, they first dipped the small wheels of cheese in brandy and then wrapped them in the leaves of the sweet chestnut. Thanks to the tannic acid from the chestnut leaves, the cheese was preserved and also acquired an extraordinary aroma. To this day, „cheese from Ba- non“ is a coveted rarity because it is rare, and is highly prized among cheese lovers. Together with fresh country bread and a good wine a very special delicacy.

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