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Côte d’Azur | Culinary highlights

Unique as the landscape and the sea with its varied coasts, diverse as the people who have shaped the region for centuries, is also the cuisine of Provence.

Greeks, Romans, Germanic tribes and many other peoples have left their mark here and many a dish has deep roots in the long history. In addition, scents, flavors, colors from the land and the sea combine to create a potpourri that is unparalleled.

To really discover, understand and enjoy the cuisine of the Cote d‘Azur and its enchanting hinterland, a culinary journey through the individual regions is recommended. After all, it is the different landscapes alone that provide the ingredients for the outstandingly aromatic dishes. The coast, the flatter plains or the mountainous regions, with their barren landscapes and seemingly endless lavender and herb fields: all have their culinary highlights, some of which originated from hearty home cooking, leftover cuisine or refined culinary standards.

To this day, the love for the products that the land provides is the decisive driver for outstanding enjoyment.

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