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Côte d’Azur | The best fish and a wide variety of seafood

The azure sea is still an underwater paradise with countless species of fish, shellfish, sea urchins, lobsters and many other creatures that make their culinary contribution to a unique cuisine.

An undersea garden, a huge aquarium, which is now also cherished and maintained, because the value of an intact underwater world is priceless. Nevertheless, there are also fish farms on the French Mediterranean coast that concentrate on breeding particularly popular fish species. More and more work according to organic criteria in order to protect the undersea world.

On land, the seafood is refined into excellent dishes, sometimes simply „just“ fried in good oil or highly refined, such as at Le Petit Nice-Passedat, Gérald Passedat‘s three-star restaurant in Marseille. Here, epicures enter whole new spheres of pleasure, and the interpretation of traditional dishes, such as the famous fish soup bouillabaisse, is fascinating. Originally, the fish soup was prepared in the morning by the fishermen, when they needed a warm strengthening „as breakfast“ after their return from a night journey. Only selected fish went into the pot complete with bones and were eaten with baguette and rouille. In star cuisine, however, bouillabaisse can become an artfully celebrated culinary experience – guaranteed bone-free!

But even far from star cuisine, the comparatively rustic cuisine of everyday life is a feast for the palate and the eyes. Recipes such as sardines gratinée – sardines from the oven, loup au fenouil – sea bass with fennel, stockfish mush or poutargue, a pocket of salted, dried fish roe of the mullet, are just a few examples of specialties that you should definitely have tried.

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