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you like to tell...

with this motto, the SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence magazine seeks to tell the stories behind the stories, to provide enrichment with exciting topics, and to give our business partners the opportunity to publish interesting details that are worth knowing and which make your product or brand distinctive.

The extra touch, the small detail, the great meticulousness, the history, the consistency – all of these aspects have a place in our magazine to inspire and touch our readers.

In the spirit of this, we would like to extend a warm invitation to you to become part of this magazine and effectively present your brand and your company. Whether in the form of a highly aesthetic and artfully designed advertisement or in combination with an editorial text where we introduce you and what makes you stand out.

Our audience is diverse, interested in that "little bit extra", looking for something special, and financially very well off. Our magazine is available at selected real estate partners in the luxury and premium segment, in the lounges of airlines, in high-end brand hotels, in luxury brand car dealerships and the like. And of course we personally deliver copies to special customers.

Would you also like to surprise your customers with the magazine? We are offering you the opportunity to receive sample copies for selected business partners. 

We are pleased to welcome you as a customer and look forward to a successful partnership. Yours,



SIGNATURE-MockUp-3 Kopie.png


Format 200 x 280 mm


Type area  153 x 236 mm


Printing 4/4-colour Euroskala

Material 300 g/m2 image print (cover); 170 g/m2 image print (content)


Delivery Print templates PDF/X-4

Circulation & Frequency 20,000 copies; 4 times a year

Our customers and target groups

Our lifestyle magazine SIGNATURE by DIANIUM is aimed at readers who are financially independent and who are looking for special highlights to enrich and emphasise their exclusive lifestyle.

In order to reach this target group, we are showcasing SIGNATURE by DIANIUM at selected real estate partners in the premium segment as well as flanking providers, such as car dealerships of high-end brands, private flight providers, executive airline lounges and selected golf courses. We also have excellent contacts in the luxury hotel industry, who will also be offering the magazine to their customers. On top of that, we have selected accountants' and tax consultants' offices, the lounges of football clubs and other points of sale where our target groups feel at home.



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Vielen Dank für das Abonnement!

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