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Alejandra Ruddoff - Laws of Nature

Space, time, matter and the laws of motion: These are the dimensions that inspire the Chilean sculptor and graphic artist Alejandra Ruddoff and with which she deals in her oeuvre.

She goes in search of how she can capture the space-time continuum in her works, which is why she does not see her sculptures as static, but as a representation of a process. Nature and its natural laws, the complexity of physical connections and man with his very own way of seeing - all this forms the framework within which she deals with the development of sculptural processes. She herself says that the fleetingness of the moment is at the centre of her contemplation and that her works build a bridge from rigid matter to movement.

Her sculptures are made of kiri wood, oak, plywood, finger pine as well as aluminium, bronze and iron. Alejandra Ruddoff's works are in demand internationally and can be seen in Chile, Germany and China in both public collections and galleries. The artist lives and works in Berlin.

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