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Art Mystery

Updated: May 18, 2021

Moors, Mudejars and the art of ornamentation

With its opulent décor, fascinating patterns and bright colours, the famous Moorish or Mudejar style overwhelms everyone who comes to Andalusia and is a defining cultural aspect of the region. Who exactly were the Mudejars, the master builders who left behind buildings and ornamentation that seem so exotic and playful to Western sensibilities?

After the Moors (Berbers from North Africa who converted to Islam) were driven back from Spain by the Reconquista, many Muslims remained in Spain. They were renowned as skilled craftsmen and upheld traditional craft techniques. Their Christian clients presented them with the challenge of combining traditional Islamic art with Christian content. This gave rise to the Mudejar style, which is unique in the world and has left behind stunningly beautiful artistic monuments.

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