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Artful folding

Folds are everywhere - in nature, when a leaf unfolds from a bud, in the house, in the car (convertible top, airbag...), in medicine...

The art of folding, practised and perfected in Japan for centuries as origami, finds innovative fields of application as "origami engineering" in many technical areas, such as aerospace, surface technology, architecture or the packaging industry.

Whenever rigid yet flexible solutions need to be created, when space needs to be saved or technical components need to unfold: Origami Engineering offers approaches to solutions.

Find out how diverse the forest and its possibilities are in the new issue of SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence, the lifestyle magazine of DIANIUM RESIDENCE, Leading Real Estate Company of the World.

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EDITION 3 - 2022

Read now the fifth issue of SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence magazine.



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