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Body Sound | Individual and unique

What does your body sound like? What sounds do you make? What sounds and noises do your actions make? What does your favorite sport sound like?

Surprising questions that bring exciting things to light and identify the human being as a “sound machine” in itself. Many sounds are familiar to us, yet we perceive them only casually without really paying attention to them: the cracking of fingers and joints, for example, the growling of the stomach, the sounds in the digestive tract after a good (or less digestible) meal, the sounds of breathing and snoring at night. All day long the body provides silent soundscapes and some professions work concretely with our sounds: doctors who listen to the body for diagnostics, sound makers who dub movies and radio plays, artists and musicians who alienate human sounds in music and sound installations.

And in sound sports, the sounds of sports are record- ed, creating fascinating spaces for sound experiences and journeys of discovery: For example, what does the perfect “run and gun” sound like in basketball? For trainers, this is a completely new way of using sound analysis to optimize movement sequences. Open your ears to a new dimension of our existence and life!

SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence!

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EDITION 3 - 2022

Read now the fifth issue of SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence magazine.



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