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Cartier Tank: the origin of design

The unmistakable style of the Cartier Tank stands for timeless beauty. Its unique aesthetics and its very special ability to always move with the times make it hit the zeitgeist.

Inspired by a combat vehicle viewed from above, the watch follows a clear graphic principle: the side bars were the tracks, the case was the turret.

This combination gave rise to a new fundamental concept: the case attachments are aligned with the bracelet so as not to interrupt the rhythm of the design.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Louis Cartier was concerned with the design of the outer form. The aim was to match the round hour indicator to the line of the bracelet and not only to make the bracelet attachments simpler, but to incorporate them as an extension of the bracelet. Cartier developed the Tank in 1917, but commercialisation did not begin until 1919. Six models were in stock between 15 November and 26 December 1919, and by 17 January of the following year they had all been sold.

Thanks to its sophisticated design, the Tank has outdone itself time and again:

From 1921, the case becomes more elongated and the side bars become narrower: this is the birth of the Tank LC by Louis Cartier. At the end of the 1970s, the monochrome dials of the Tank Must were impressive. In 1988, the Tank Américaine was launched, very close to the pulse of its time. In 1996, the Tank Française followed - for this watch, the Maison used a metal bracelet for the first time, which blends in perfect harmony with the case.

The Cartier Tank has countless celebrity fans, including Muhammad Ali, Princess Diana, Andy Warhol, Michelle Obama, Cary Grant, Truman Capote, John F. and Jackie Kennedy, as well as Jake Gyllenhall. Are you one of them?

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