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Chestnuts from Tuscany | Chestnut festivals for palate, heart and soul

In autumn, chestnut fires continue to burn in the famous chestnut regions and there are countless chestnut festivals celebrating the aromatic, healthy nuts with wine and other culinary accompaniments.

Famous beyond its borders is the chestnut festival in the charming medieval town of Arcidosso, which is worth a visit even without chestnuts.

From freshly roasted chestnuts, to uniquely delicious desserts and Tuscan chestnut cake Castagnaccio, to savory dishes with chestnut polenta, sausages, meat or even fish: with chestnuts almost anything is possible and the chestnut festivals are predestined to get a culinary picture of the possibilities of chestnuts. By the way, a caffè latte with chestnut cream is also a hit and can be easily made by mixing chestnut cream with espresso and filling the glass with frothed milk.

If you are traveling around Mugello in autumn, you should definitely try the local specialty of Torta di marroni from Marradi. The recipe of this delicious puff pastry is ancient and has been handed down from generation to generation. To make it, the marroni are boiled in water or milk and then mixed with sugar, vanilla, lemon zest, rum and Alchermes, a Tuscan liqueur. The pastry is baked for three hours at low temperature and should be cut only the next day. A challenge given the wonderful scents that permeate the house!

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