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Design comes from Valencia | Hotspot of Design

The beautiful city on the Rió Turia that makes no fuss about itself: Valencia, the World Design Capital 2022! And Valencia more than lives up to this distinction, because the city is full of surprises and creative minds.

Architecture, of course: For centuries, architects of their time have left behind outstanding buildings in Valencia, which still characterize the cityscape today. The Silk Exchange, Lonja de la Seda, a masterpiece of secular Gothic architecture, today rightly listed as a World Heritage Site, is representative of many others. And the Great Market Hall, Mercat Central, a magnificent example of Valencian Art Nouveau, which is still used today as a market hall with, among other things, the largest fish market in Europe.

With the City of Science, contemporary star architect Santiago Calatrava has created a park-like landscape in the drained riverbed of the Rió Turia, where his buildings stretch out like a futuristic collection of maritime mythical creatures on the floor of the former body of water, just as if they had come to light from the depths of the riverbed. Worth seeing, again and again!

And the design! Valencia seems to be highly inspirational, as for decades an internationally renowned scene of artists and designers has been formed in the city, whose works and projects have received world- wide attention. From the graphic and packaging design of the studios of Dani Nebot, Marisa Gallén + Carmina Ibáñez to studios that deal with product, interior, lighting, furniture or textile design: Artists and designers such as Jaime Hayon, Mario Ruiz, Lavernia & Cienfuegos, Javier Mariscal or CuldeSac are part of the globally active designer scene, who not only restage brands and products with creative-artistic and creative-provocative ideas.

Meetings in Valencia? Possible at any time, for example at the UNO Mercado Central.

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