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Dornbracht Rainshowers | Natural relaxation

The time when you simply took a shower is long gone. We expect a lot more from our bathrooms, and water experiences play an essential role in this.

Dornbracht has spent many years studying forms of water presentation and how they influence well-being, and has been instrumental in helping the natural rainfall experience achieve undreamt-of popularity. The secret of Dornbracht raindrops: they fall without pressure, the huge droplets landing gently on your body are as light as a feather and practically weightless. The newest rain showers with two flow modes are firmly focusing the product benefits on relaxation and cleansing. The compact and powerful jet from the shower head makes cleansing and hair rinsing easier, while the rain shower’s real Dornbracht raindrops provide relaxation. Water gently envelops your body, but avoids your face.


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EDITION 3 - 2022

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