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Eduardo Chillida - The Master of Earthen Sculptures

Updated: May 14, 2021

Lurra G 121 is one of the compact sculptures in the "Lurra" series by the Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida.

"Lurra", the Basque word for "earth", represents the archaic cultic character of Chillida's solid earthen bodies.

The minimalism of the block-like, compact shape of Lurra G 121 creates a fascinating and exciting interplay of closedness and openness of form, of heights and depths, of inside and outside and of light and shadow through just a few deep indentations.

The hardness of the material contrasts in a striking way with the cut marks, which look as if they have been cut into soft dough.

Chillida's sculptures can be found at the Tate Modern in London, for example, and are traded by leading international art galleries and auction houses such as Ketterer Kunst. Lurra G 121 will be available there on 18/19 June.

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EDITION 3 - 2022

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