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Enjoying according to the seasons

If there is not a lime tree in front of the house, then “shopping” is synonymous with a wonderful (forest) walk. For the trees do not come to us, we are allowed to seek them out and mindfully help ourselves from them.

Tree food still offers real seasonal cuisine, so that throughout the year new culinary highlights are waiting to be discovered on the plate.

In spring, when the trees sprout and bud, the season begins. Leaf buds, but also the fresh sprouts poking their heads out of the earth, enrich with their fine taste. They can be eaten fresh, but care should be taken when harvesting not to take too many buds from each tree. It is better to spread them over several trees. The fresh leaves come a little later and can be used to spice up salads, made into spinach or fermented. For such culinary experiments, we recommend, for example, the more than 150 maple species, all of which are edible. They only vary in taste, so this alone offers endless possibilities. In addition to maple, you can also use apple and pear trees, birch, beech or lime.

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