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Forest – Networks in the soil | Fantastic superorganism

The forest has been mysterious since time immemorial, for it was usually dark, impenetrable, a thicket that only slowly became arable for human settlement through clearing.

And then found its place in the history of human development as a living and economic space.

The forest was the seat of the spirits and gods, of gnomes, elves and other beings, sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile to humans. People went into the forest to find healing and strength and came out with a variety of insights. In short: the forest was and still is perceived as a special ecosystem that has an overall positive effect on people.

However, the forest habitat is also mysterious and complex in its inner structure. For it is far more than a collection of individual trees, bushes, low-growing plants, mosses and much more. The forest habitat is a living network of organisms that have fantastic abilities and make this ecosystem possible in the first place. The monumental protagonists are undoubtedly the trees, for their trunks alone, their sometimes enormous crowns, their incredible height, make them the „eye-catcher“ par excellence. However, in order for a tree to reach such regions, it needs many supporters and it has been scientifically known for many years that the weal and woe of the forest trees, but also of the entire community, depends, among other things, on a huge underground network of soil organisms and fungi. Only they make the forest the forest as we know it.

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