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Global commitment | From Monaco

Monaco and sustainability, protection of the oceans and the climate? A combination that is not necessarily obvious, since Monaco is primarily associated with exuberant luxury, wealth and extensive use of resources.

The outward appearance is contrasted by the commitment of Prince Albert II, who founded the „Fondation Prince Albert II“ after his expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.

After the direct experience of the scientific expeditions, which revealed the consequences of climate change, the prince was keen to initiate and support international projects focusing on climate change, biodiversity and water supply through a foundation. The foundation maintains many branches around the world, thus creating international reach.

The projects the foundation supports are diverse in nature and range from research projects in France on new biogas plants, the MedFund, to water, environmental and educational projects around the world. Accompanying events, such as the high-profile Monte-Carlo Gala for Planetary Health or the Monaco Ocean Week, not only support fund-raising, but also serve as international networking opportunities for philanthropists, artists, intellectuals and thought leaders, decision-makers and scientific personalities.

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