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Helmut Newton | Photographer and artist

He was one of the most famous photographers in the world and discovered his passion as a teenager. He began his apprenticeship as a photographer in Berlin at the age of sixteen, and his enthusiasm for photography lasted throughout his life.

Newton, who was born Helmut Neustädter in Germany and fled to Australia from the Nazis in 1938, took Australian citizenship and opened his photography studio in Melbourne in 1945. From 1956 he was a photographer for the Australian “Vogue” and from the 1970s Newton was one of the world’s highest paid photographers. His advertising, fashion, portrait and nude photographs were highly sought after. Politicians, actors and many others had their portraits taken by him, including Laurel Martyn, Margaret Thatcher, Romy Schneider, Catherine Deneuve and Liz Taylor. His wife June, who worked as an actress under the pseudonym June Brunell, was also a photographer and published her work under the name Alice Springs.

The Helmut Newton Foundation in his hometown of Berlin shows retrospectives of his extensive oeuvre and, as Newton wished, enters into a dialogue with the best contemporary photographers, such as Da- vid Lachapelle, James Nachtwey or Sarah Moon and many others.


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