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Immerse yourself in the forest | Sense and sensuality

Do you know the forest? Not only as a backdrop for diverse leisure activities, such as cycling, mountain biking, hiking, climbing ...?

Have you ever immersed yourself in the forest, discovered its secrets and beauty? Discovered how the forest can decelerate, bring peace and let people breathe deeply? The forest was and is a living and economic space, and since time immemorial people have gone into the forest to find relaxation, peace and, in earlier times, mystical encounters.

Today, the forest is gaining in importance as a recreational space, because more and more people are noticing intuitively that something is no longer right with their lives. The alienation from nature, from our roots, is not good in the long run. Because: our modern life with its hectic pace, increasing urbanisation, concrete deserts, stressful perceived life and work situations takes its toll, illnesses and burnout increase.

Bathing in the forest experience

Shirin Yoku or “forest bathing” was developed in Japan in the 1980s to help people slow down and improve their health with specific exercises in the forest. It has long been scientifically known that buildings can make people ill (sick building syndrome) and that the ever-increasing fear of missing something in the age of the smartphone (“fear-of-missing-out”) leads to permanent stress. In the forest, on the other hand, the heart can open up and people can come back to themselves. Green tones have been proven to relax and the special composition of the forest air with its aromas of warmth, moisture, moss, earth or resin have a deep effect on people and their souls.

Forest bathing invites you to be mindful in the forest without a goal. The next walk through the forest can become a journey of discovery with plenty of time, for example, to breathe in the wonderfully aromatic forest air with conscious breathing exercises. Or to feel the soft moss with bare feet, to sniff tree trunks, twigs or decaying wood and consciously suck in the smell. Watch yourself as these sensual impulses bring you back to the present, the here and now gains the upper hand, the carousel in your head calms down. Forest bathing is balm for the soul and spirit.

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