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La Zagaleta – The epitome of refined beauty

Perfection has a name

The Costa del Sol is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Andalusia and boasts an area of around 900 hectares that further enhances this beauty:

La Zagaleta is the most exclusive and breathtaking resort that Europe has to offer. Originally the home and hunting ground of Arab entrepreneur Adnan Khashoggi in the 1980s, La Zagaleta is now an unparalleled gem situated above the coast.

Spectacular views of the steel-blue sea all the way across to Gibraltar are a feast for the eyes, two private golf courses blend harmoniously into the landscape, and a riding club and luxury estates that leave nothing to be desired. All this is immersed in absolute privacy, intimacy and security, as La Zagaleta is open exclusively to its privileged residents.

La Zagaleta is a resort that brings together exquisite style, exclusive design and innovative inspiration to create a unique experience. It's hard to imagine more relaxation, variety and opportunities to surprise yourself with new, high-class experiences day after day. Anyone who positions themselves among the absolute world elite and makes their decision will always find suitable residence here.

Leading real estate companies of the world, such as DIANIUM RESIDENCE, are at home here and are standing by to offer their services in matters of the heart.

Perfection has a name: La Zagaleta.

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EDITION 3 - 2022

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