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Le Labo perfumes - What's the hype all about?

Le Labo Parfums is a renowned perfume brand known for its unique fragrances and minimalist, handcrafted approach to perfumery.

Le Labo was founded in New York City in 2006 by two friends and perfumers, Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi. The name "Le Labo" is French and means "The Laboratory", reflecting their emphasis on handcrafted products and the creative art of perfumery.

They make the perfumes by hand, which means that they are produced in small batches and with high-quality, natural raw materials. Each perfume is blended and labelled only after it is ordered to ensure freshness and quality. One of the special features of Le Labo is the ability to customise the perfumes. Customers can see their name on the label of the perfume and find out the production details. This gives each bottle a personal touch.

The brand emphasises sustainability and environmental awareness. They use environmentally friendly packaging and try to reduce waste. In addition, they focus on natural ingredients and are against animal testing.


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