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Living passion inVIP lounges | Bayer 04

Passion is black and red. As Bayer 04‘s colorful identifying mark, the color combination has a memorable radiance.

Especially for its VIP guests: in the exclusive lounges, the Bundesliga soccer team gives visitors an unforgettable premium experience full of emotion. And not just since today: In 1904, a number of Bayer employees founded the club. As a unit, they play the first game of an 04 soccer team in 1908 in black jerseys with red collars. The jerseys with the cross on the chest change color and design over the decades - with prominent sponsors on black-red or white backgrounds and, in terms of color and design, rarities in ultramarine, the artificial blue dye invented by Bayer. From the “Bayer-Platz” to the stadium “Am Stadtpark” and the Ulrich-Haberland-Stadion to today’s “BayAre- na”: This is where the Werkself has been thrilling fans and spectators for decades. This is where fans hug each other during countless successes.

Highlights: UEFA Cup victory in 1988, DFB Cup victory in 1993 and Champions League final in 2002. With 43 Bundesliga seasons, Bayer 04 is the club with the longest continuous stay in the top flight after Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. The Werkself has been at the top of the table 75 times and scored nearly 2,500 goals in more than 1,460 first division games. Success makes history. History creates community. For unforgettable experiences. That’s what the seven VIP areas for a total of more than 2,000 guests stand for. Anyone who enters them immediately feels welcome. You can feel the familiar home feeling and Champions League ambitions at first hand, even off the pitch. Breathe in the breath of history with its successes, immerse yourself in the stylish exquisite ambience – goosebumps and a pure feel-good effect.

The UEFA Cup and DFB Cup “welcome” every guest glamorously as they enter the largest VIP areas - the premium and 19nullvier lounges. Passing eight Bayer 04 crests, large-format portraits of current Werkself professionals and original jerseys of former stars such as Michael Ballack, VIP guests become part of the aura of the 14-time Champions League participant. Extravagant decoration and high-quality furnishings in black and red with top service stand for detailed black and red love. They let the visit become a top-class event in luxurious equipment.

Gourmet culinary delights of the highest perfection and enjoyment are provided by Bayer Gastronomie – a partner that feeds various board members and well-known personalities with exquisite food in its own casino on weekdays. Two hours before and two hours after the game, cold and hot dishes in buffet form or life cooking pam- per discerning palates. Exquisite top-quality wines round off the tasty synthesis of the arts. Spacious bar areas offer perfect opportunities for personal contact with soccer greats, management or corporate leaders. “Meet and greet” made easy.

The corporate boxes in the South Stand offer comfort and sophisticated technology. Comfortable inside and heated seats outside make the atmosphere in the BayArena a real gem. The boxes are also available to tenants for business purposes throughout the year. The respective companies are prominently displayed on various platforms. In short: “With great passion, we are a top address at Champions League level for our VIP guests,” emphasizes Florian Dederichs, Head of Sponsoring, Internationalization & eSports at Bayer 04.

Info on the complete VIP area at, Business section.

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