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Magic worlds underground | Caves along the Costa Blanca

Kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, snorkeling, water sports – the activities on the Costa Blanca can be diverse. The landscape is varied and charming, but not only above ground, but also in the depths.

Thanks to the karstic underground, fascinating cave landscapes have been formed over millions of years, some of which are now open to visitors. They offer breathtaking insights into the underworld of the Costa Blanca and are of inestimable geological and historical value. Here one encounters the forces of water very directly, because caves and caverns are formed by underground rivers and lakes, by perpetual currents and whirlpools.

Dripstones, on the other hand, symbolize the saying of the “constant drip” in a most vivid way. In the interaction of dissolved lime and minerals as well as slowly flowing waters, formations of “subterranean” beauty have been created over infinite times. Grown far away from external influences, they are symbols of richness of form, colorfulness and, above all, slowness, because on average stalactites grow eight to fifteen millimeters in 100 years, depending on their environmental conditions. Deceleration is the program!

Caves like the Cueva de Don Juan near Jalance, Cova Tallada, the Cueva de Moraig or the less known Adsúbias Cueva de Canelobre near Pegos (not to be confused with the cave of the same name near Busot) give fascinating insights into the wonders underground, which usually remain closed to our eyes.

For early man, however, the caves were not so much places of wonder as shelter from the rigors of nature, from animals and enemies. They left their evidence not only in the form of bones, plant seeds and fireplaces. Their expressive rock paintings are a window into a highly vivid past for us today, allowing us to participate in hunting, dancing and providing an insight into a diverse animal world.

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