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Man and forest | Close connections

Source for development

Shortened and to the point, one could summarise: Without forests, humans would not be what they are today! Forests are the habitats and ecosystems that provide the richest resources. And they are the beginning of all that follows. For without wood, the development of humankind in its known form would have been possible. In this respect, forests are closely connected to mankind, but today we often forget how important forests have been in the history of our development.

No forest, no fire Since the beginning, the forest has been a source of food and everything that humans need to live. Since man learned to make and handle fire, wood has become the most important source of energy over thou- sands of years. People gathered wood to light campfires and were able to improve their quality of life thanks to the warmth of the fire. Cold became manageable, food could be cooked. Fire provided light and protection from wild animals and hostile groups. Sufficient wood and other combustible materials were therefore one of the reasons why humans were able to develop and survive better and better.

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