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More organic wine in the glass!

More and more winegrowers in France and Europe are deciding to switch to biodynamic viticulture, because top-quality wines can only be produced in the long term with nature and not against it.

And so, little by little, the realization is gaining ground that vineyards and vineyards are living, complex organisms that must be treated accordingly. For winegrowers, this is an important step towards a natural future with implications for the work in the cellar.

Vineyards such as Château de Pibarnon, Château Gassier or Château Les Valentines, as well as twelve other organic winegrowers in Provence, surprise with outstanding wines that should not be missed.

SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence!


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EDITION 3 - 2022

Read now the fifth issue of SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence magazine.



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