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„Moros y Christians“ – the impressive historical festivals

Fascinating are also the festivals that reenact the landing of the Moors in Spain. „Moros i Cristians“ take place throughout the Valencia region and depict the Moorish conquest of the cities and the reconquest by the Christians. Historically, the clashes took place between the 8th and 15th centuries, yet to this day Moorish influences remain an important part of Spanish art and culture.

Widely known are these historical spectacles, about 400 take place in the region of Valencia, on the Costa Blanca and throughout Spain. One of the most beautiful and splendid „Moros y Christians“ festivals is that of Alcoy, which is held annually in April. Here, a battle from the 13th century is commemorated, when the notorious Moorish leader Al-Azraq tried to storm the city with his troops. Miraculously, San Jorge, Saint George, the dragon slayer, intervened in the action and saved the Christians from the onrushing Moors. San Jorge became the patron saint of Alcoy and over the centuries the commemoration at the foot of the castle developed into a great festival in his honor.

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