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NAN of Fife | A legend at sea

For enthusiasts of classic sailing yachts, the NAN of Fife is one of the legendary ships built in the 19th century.

The yacht had been built by the then fa- mous Scottish „boatsmiths“ of William Fife III. (1857 - 1944), who had made a name for himself as a designer of large sailing yachts. William Fife III was inducted into the famous America‘s Cup Hall of Fame for his two most famous yachts, Shamrock and Shamrock III, which America‘s Cup challenger Thomas Lipton sailed in 1899 and 1903. Shamrock III was the largest, fastest, and most modern yacht of her time at the time.

NAN was built in 1896 and was a sister ship to the famous TUIGA. The client and owner was Thomas Burrowes, who already owned several yachts. In the 1940s, the yacht passed into the possession of the Menhinick family, who had to sell her again in 1952 because of the high running costs. When Philippe Menhinick discovered in 1998 that his grandparents had once owned the yacht, he bought her back into the family and extensively restored the vessel, so that today NAN of Fife is the oldest yacht still sailing from the hand of William Fife III.

NAN of Fife is currently anchored in Cannes and can be chartered for special events.


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