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No architecture without forests

Wood is the resource that has provided “a roof over one’s head” since the beginning, because houses made of stone were often too expensive. The entire history of architecture is permeated by wooden buildings, which were easy to erect and durable. Villages and towns were built of half-timbered houses. Venice would not be where it is today without trees. Inside, too, wood determined almost everything: from furniture to utensils to objects of art. Wood was the dominant material. Today, modern timber construction is becoming more and more interesting for ecological reasons. Excellent insulation performance, a pleasant living climate and a positive CO2 footprint are the plus points that make timber construction attractive.

No art and no music without forests

It sounds, it captivates with its many colour variations, it is some- times hard, sometimes soft, sometimes light, sometimes heavy, sometimes cool, sometimes rather warm: wood has many properties and faces and is one of the materials that have always inspired artistic creativity.

Historically documented by the famous Shigiridol from Siberia, people were already working wood artistically 12,500 years ago.

However, since wood has rarely survived, corresponding artefacts of even older woodworking are currently missing.

Nevertheless, it can be assumed that wood, along with stone, bones or shells, has been used for artistic representations since the beginning. To this day, wood sculpture is one of the most important forms of expression of human creativity.

It is similar in music: the earliest wooden flutes found come from Ireland and are around 4,000 years old.

Woodwind instruments, string instruments, harps... wood sounds through the millennia and new instruments are still being invented, like the Xala by Ania Losinger and Hamper von Niederhäusern. Besides wood, the trees of the forest also provide many other products: Be it fruits, nuts, coffee, cocoa, birch pitch, resins or rubber.

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