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Orient - Express

The Orient Express, a name that has captured the imagination of travellers and romantics alike for more than a century, embodies the essence of luxury, adventure and exoticism on rails. This legendary train service, which first began operating in 1883, offered one of the most exclusive and fascinating travel routes in the world, crossing the European continent and connecting the East with the West.

The history of the Orient Express is steeped in glamour and intrigue as it witnessed a multitude of adventures, political encounters and romantic flair. From Paris via Strasbourg, Munich, Vienna and Budapest to the exotic lands of the Ottoman Empire, including Istanbul, the Orient Express offered its passengers a journey through fascinating cultural diversity and picturesque landscapes.


The interior of the train was a reflection of the luxury and elegance of its time. With fine wood panelling, richly decorated ceilings, crystal chandeliers and first-class furnishings, the Orient Express offered an unparalleled atmosphere of refinement and opulence. The sleeping cars were equipped with comfortable beds and exquisite details that offered passengers the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

For many, travelling on the Orient Express was not just a simple journey, but an unforgettable experience that awakened the spirit of adventure. Travelling by train offered the opportunity to discover new cultures, taste exotic dishes and experience unforgettable encounters with people from different parts of the world.

The myth of the Orient Express was created not only by its luxurious interiors and exotic itineraries, but also by the literary works and films inspired by its fascinating stories. From Agatha Christie's famous murder mystery "Murder on the Orient Express" to numerous Hollywood films, the train has left a lasting mark on popular culture and remains a symbol of adventure and romance on rails.

Although the original Orient Express stopped running in 2009, its legacy lives on in various forms of luxury trains and tourist routes that revive the romantic era of train travel. The fascination with the Orient Express remains and continues to inspire travellers in search of the magic of times gone by and the wonders of faraway places.

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