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Pacific or Cape Town | Hide-aways in a class of their own

The ocean shimmers gently in the blue hour, light waves sway, the last red-gold colors of the sunset are still visible in the sky.

The soul opens and breathes the unique moment, incomparable and never to be repeated. Precious moments and hours that are priceless. Nourishing your own soul while immersing yourself in the soul of South Africa: SOUL Rain- bows End is breathtaking.

The hotel and luxury villa is located above the sea at Knysna West Head, surrounded by a private nature reserve. Here time stands still, nature embraces the guest with its beauty and lushness and lets breathe a sigh of relief.

Perfect service and South African cordiality accompany the dream, discreet, exclusive and with all imaginable comfort.

Welcome to Africa! Welcome to the hotels of the SOUL Private Collection!


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EDITION 1 - 2024

Read now the No6 of SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence magazine.



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