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Quality with a royal seal

Trevelez - a Synonym for premium ham

While it was silk production that dominated the region centuries ago, for the last 200 years it has been the production of delicious Serrano ham that has been the region‘s mainstay. The altitude of almost 1,500 metres, the dry air, the cold winters and the mild summers are the ideal conditions for producing the region‘s famous Serrano ham. The name „Serrano“ is derived from the Spanish word sierra, which means mountain and indicates that „mountain ham“ was traditionally dried in fresh mountain air.

Trevélez, one of the highest municipalities in Spain, is synonymous with this premium ham because jamón de Trevélez is a protected geographical designation that only Serrano ham from the municipalities of Trevélez, Juviles, Busquístar, Pórtugos, La Tahá, Bubión, Capileira and Bérchules can carry. Here, as prescribed, only hams from the approved Landrace, Large-White and Duroc-Jersey breeds of pigs are used, which are carefully rubbed with sea salt. The maturing process is crucial to the quality of jamón de Trevélez, and some of it still takes place in the bodegas (originally the general term for a storage or cellar room). Hung up individually, the hams mature for up to 18 months. The seven certified ham producers in Trevélez safeguard the traditional method of production. The royal seal that adorns the labels of jamón de Trevélez was awarded on 10 October 1862 by Queen Isabella II, who was delighted with the quality and unique taste of the aromatic ham.


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