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Slow enjoyment | In Tuscany

Good, clean cuisine with regional ingredients – that inspires not only gourmets, but in the meantime more and more people who attach importance to sustainable cultivation conditions, species-appropriate animal husbandry and resource-conserving use of water and soil.

Slow Food, founded by Carlo Petrini in Bra in 1986, is today an international movement that is primarily concerned with regional and traditional dishes and the cultivation of old vegetable and fruit varieties or the keeping of old domestic animal breeds. „ The motto „buono, pulito e giusto“ – „good, clean and fair“ – overwrites the fruitful combination of appreciation, responsibility and enjoyment.

By preserving small-scale regional structures, artisanal production on land and in fisheries, food production is to become ecologically compatible again and, for example, long transport routes superfluous. Rural regions are revitalized, and cultural traditions of enjoyment and production methods are preserved.

In Tuscany alone there are now countless restaurants, such as Ristorante Nena in the charming Cittá Slow Anghieri, which conjures up classic Tuscan dishes according to Slow Food criteria. Countless producers of high-quality wines, olive oils, the famous Pecorino sheep‘s cheese from Pienza are engaged in „slow“ production and critical, palate-pleasing customers appreciate the results. Tuscany slow is worthwhile in many ways!

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