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Slow Fashion World

Elegant, exclusive fashion, hip, trendy and best of all timeless!

Slow Fashion World, founded in 2016 by Peruvian Mariel Jumpa, consciously sets a counterpoint to fast fashion and wants to counteract the waste of resources and throwaway mentality. Sustainability, fairness, transparency and responsible action at all levels are at the forefront. Slow Fashion World is a changemaker that wants to change the fast fashion industry and attracts more and more high-caliber designers. The fashion: creative, exceptional, elegant, casual and unique. Craving for more? Discover labels like Twothirds, Rita Row, Ecoalf, babaa or Cus.

SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence!


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EDITION 1 - 2024

Read now the No6 of SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence magazine.



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