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Specialties and curiosities

Buddha’s hand - 3000 years of history

Known in China and India for thousands of years, the fingered citron, also more melodiously called a Buddha’s hand, is a rare delicacy in the modern day and is served with truffles in top-end restaurants. With its intense, floral aroma, it captivates the palates of gourmets in this part of the world and is one of the most extraordinary varieties in existence. Gourmets are particularly enamoured of its thick and highly aromatic peel, which can be candied or grated over food like truffles. Other old varieties such as the “etrog” citron or the “rough lemon”, citrus jambhiri, also have a surprising appearance and flavour. These are joined by the reddish Citrus limon "Rosso", the Volkamer lemon and many others, which these days also grow extremely well as potted plants in gardens all over Europe.

Andalusia - the land of lemons and citrus fruit

The moors brought lemon seeds with them to Andalusia, which developed into a cultural asset over the subsequent centuries. Lemon trees were and still are part of the paradise-inspired gardens there and citrus fruit became sought-after luxury items wherever they did not flourish. To this day, lemons and citrus fruits are the embodiment of the South, of warmth, of complex scents and aromas.

The primofiori lemon is one of the favourite varieties in Andalusia. It flowers and thrives all year round, allowing fresh lemons to be harvested throughout the year. The most important thing, however, is that the lemons have enough time to ripen on the tree. This is because fresh air and sunlight are critical to the ripening process. Only in this way can the special balance between acidity and aroma develop, which is what gives the lemons their unmistakable intensity of flavour


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