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Tempting fragrances | Fragrances for eternity

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Perfumers belong to the absolute top world class of „noses“ when it comes to the art of creative smelling. They are the professionals in smelling, a skill that is existentially important for humans and animals.

The sense of smell is our oldest and most vital sense, already fully developed in infants. Scents have accompanied us since childhood and have left their traces deep in our memories and our emotions. In the positive, for example, when we remember the promising scent of a favorite meal, a loving embrace or a surprising encounter. But smells also warn us of poisons or dangers, for example when something smells „dicey.“ And smelling and tasting are directly connected, be- cause without smell we cannot taste and classify properly. In the course of his life, man learns to distinguish up to 10,000 scents, and some people train this ability to the point of becoming professionals – like perfumers.

And thus, we enter the ethereal dreamland of aromas and fragrances, the volatile scent molecules that have exerted magical fascination for millennia. And where better to trace this magic than in Grasse, the undisputed center of the world‘s most unusual and subtle scents and fragrance creations.

In the Middle Ages, Grasse was the city of tanners, whose leather was widely known and loved. The only drawback, it smelled extremely unpleasant. And so the tanner Galimard came up with the idea of masking the smell of leather gloves with good scents of lavender, jasmine, rose or orange blossom. The nobility thanked him for it, and it probably gave rise to the fashion in aristocratic circles to wear gloves soaked in pleasant fragrances. This marked the beginning of a new era in Grasse and a new successful industry developed: the extraction and distillation of fragrances from flowers. As early as the 17th century, the perfumers of Grasse extracted flower juice, especially from orange blossoms and jasmine, distilled from it their inimitable fragrances and created seductive perfume.

Inseparably linked with Grasse are the famous perfume manufacturers Fragonard, Molinard and Galimard, which to this day develop outstanding fragrances. And the oldest and best perfume school in the world, the Ecole Givaudan near Paris, also has one of its roots in Grasse. The best noses in the world study here and the master perfumers of the major perfume manufacturers train their sense of smell there.

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