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Tempting fragrances | Magic and fascination

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Grasse is also where the art of creating the so-called „essence absolue“ was developed, which captures and preserves, as it were, the magic of a floral scent.

This is the only way, for example, to capture the inimitable and extremely ephemeral scent of the famous May rose of Grasse. This rose blooms only in May, and its flowers are carefully picked early in the morning after blooming and immediately distilled, because the scent otherwise lasts only a few hours. It is also impossible to copy this fragrance artificially. It is absolutely unique and inimitable in the truest sense. The greatest master perfumers secure their share of the mysterious „Essence Absolue“ in advance.

Magical, almost a myth and nearly as expensive as gold is also the „Essence Absolue“ of jasmine flowers from Grasse. Jasmine is the third main fragrance of the famous Chanel No.5, along with May Rose and Ylang Ylang, and it is still produced according to the original formula developed for Coco Chanel 91 years ago.

To ensure the raw materials, Chanel has secured by exclusive contract the cultivation of jasmine from Grasse at the Mul company. And so a harvest takes place every year that could not be more elaborate and laborious, because for half a liter of „Essence Absolue“ alone, 330 kg of blossoms are needed. An unimaginable amount, because a picker harvests in one hour only about 300-800g of the feathery dreams.

Even though today more and more synthetic fragrances are shaping perfume production, because they are cheaper, always available and can partly make fragrance nuances possible that cannot be created with natural essences: Master perfumers agree that the natural scents of flowers have a quality that will remain unmatched. They have absorbed the sun, the wind, the terroir, they have a warmth, a richness, a sweetness and an expressiveness that is unique. And it is precisely these subtle vibrations that can never be copied and can never be replaced.

And so, to this day, magical, mysterious, subtly layered fragrances and perfumes are created that carry the beauty and expressiveness of nature: from May roses, jasmine, myrtle, orange blossom, gardenia, mimosa, lavender, thyme, bergamot, basil and countless others to natural substances such as (balsamic) resins or amber and musk. For unique moments and emotions, dreams, beauty and ethereal sensuality...

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