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The history of the famous Cartier Love bracelet

The history of the famous Cartier Love bracelet dates to the 1960s and is closely linked to the jeweler Aldo Cipullo and the Cartier brand.

The Cartier Love bracelet was designed by Aldo Cipullo in 1969. The design was revolutionary and unconventional. The bracelet consists of a simple, smooth band that is interrupted in the center by a clasp nut. The clasp nut can only be opened and closed with a special screwdriver, which has a symbolic meaning as it means that the bracelet is "locked" and can only be opened by another person. The Cartier Love bracelet was conceived as a symbol of eternal love and connection.

The idea behind the design was that the bracelet could not be taken off easily, representing the unbreakable nature of love and relationships.

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