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The legendary car races of the early days

Few car races are as legendary as the Mille Miglia, which runs for around 1,000 km through Italy.

In 2022, the race will be held for the fortieth time since 1927, attracting fans of classic racing cars from all over the world.

Yet the Mille Miglia was by no means the world‘s first endurance race. As early as 1906, the „Targa Florio“, an endurance race on private roads in Sicily, was started by the entrepreneur Vincenzo Flo- rio, who himself was an enthusiastic racing driver. The first race, started on May 6, 1906 was 148 km long and was held until 1977. Since 1978 there is the „Targa Florio Rally“. The overall winner of the first „Targa Florio“ took about 9 hours and 32 minutes with his Itala 35/40 HP/8.0 at that time. The „Targa Florio“ was one of the toughest races in Europe, as was the „Coppa Florio“.

In addition to the Mille Miglia, there is another legendary car race in Italy in which the most beautiful classic oldtimers participate. The Gran Premio Nuvolari, called by many the „beautiful sister“ of the Mille Miglia, is a tribute to the racer Tazio Nuvolari, who became a legendary myth as a daredevil racer, winning the Monza Grand Prix on his motorcycle in 1925 with two broken and splinted legs. Nuvolari was also fearless in the car, winning the Mille Miglia in 1930, among other races. He ranks among the greatest racers of all time and when he died suddenly in 1953, the shocked motorsports world, including the founders of the Mille Miglia, initiated the Gran Premio Novulari in his honor.

After interruptions, the Mille Miglia and Gran Premio Novulari are still among the most important classic car races in the world today.

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