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The pomegranate | Fruit of the gods and remedy

There is hardly a fruit that is as symbolically laden as the blood-red pomegranate.

It has been worshipped as a love apple since earliest times, serves as a symbol of fertility thanks to its many seeds, plays its part in all religions and is a sign of the rule and power of kings and emperors.

Native to western Asia, the magnificent red fruit found its way to the Mediterranean region since ancient times and came to Spain in early times. The region around Granada, the name of the city is even said to be derived from the pomegranate, is still one of the cultivation areas of this royal fruit.

Famous and appreciated worldwide is the Mollar pomegranate from the region around Elche, which is also protected by the Denomination of Origin. The Mollar is characterized by a light, almost cream-colored skin and an exceptional sweetness. Its seeds are soft, its flesh is blood red and juicy.

Since 1864, these magnificent fruits have been cultivated south of Alicante and are considered exclusive highlights, not only from a culinary point of view. From a health perspective, the fruits are true superfoods, scoring among other things with extremely high polyphenol content, many other antioxidants and vitamins. Hardly any calories, but otherwise a “full pound” - pomegranates are not simply divine for nothing!

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