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The return of trees and plants to urban space

Public places without trees are not accepted by people, people do not stay there, there is no visual protection, nothing that could invite them to linger.

While cities and towns were (and still are) mostly concrete deserts, with the exception of parks and green spaces, which are not very people-friendly, urban planners are rediscovering greenery in the wake of megacities and their specific problems with regard to supplying the population and the increasing heating of cities in the summer months.

Urban gardening for short distances to supply people with fresh salads and vegetables, hanging gardens, green street furniture to improve air quality are just a few examples of how plants and trees are increasingly being used to meet the challenges of our modern life in an urban context.

Companies are also having trees and plants moved into their headquarters and locations, establishing park-like green spaces and deliberately promoting recreational phases during work in the green. The greenery relaxes the eyes after screen work, the heartbeat regulates, stress hormones decrease - the working atmosphere improves.

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