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The Val d‘Orcia | inspiration for centuries

The epitome of the „ideal landscape“ is the Val d‘Orcia, which has inspired countless artists since the Renaissance.

The valley, which derives its name from the Orcia River, captivates with wide green plains and striking hills that stand out in a cone shape. The landscape is a synthesis of the arts, as early on people began to sculpt what was considered a harmonious region. In 2004, the valley was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site to honor not only the beauty of this landscape, but also the unique interaction between nature and people who have shaped this region for centuries with their daily work, but also with a special sense of harmony.

Already the painters of the School of Siena were fascinated and inspired by this landscape in the 14th/15th century and contributed with their representations to the myth of the „harmonious landscape“. It was not only the landscape as such that was captured on canvas. Rather, the work of the people in their environment was also perceived as harmonious and thus created an all-encompassing image of an ideal-typical coexistence of man and nature. To this day, this feeling is reflected in painting and especially photography.

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