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The Villa Noailles | Artist and designer forge

Design, fashion, art: Villa Noailles in Hyères is now the place where young artists and creatives can make their mark and present themselves to an international audience. The Festival International de Mode et de Photography, for example, has become a top-class industry meeting place.

In 2021, it will take place for the 36th time and, as always, will attract the crème de la crème from the fashion and design industry as well as an audience from all over the world. Multiple competitions, defiles and accompanying exhibitions give young fashion designers and photographers the opportunity to present their ideas and designs to an international audience. The setting for this festival could not be better, as Villa Noailles was the home of Charles and Marie-Laura de Noailles, who were patrons between 1923 and 1970 and provided significant support to modern artists.

Their home, the Villa Noailles, served as a meeting place for countless encounters with artists, writers and intellectuals. This is where people came together, where ideas were born from mutual inspiration, but also where the hosts processed their impressions in an artistic way. Marie-Laure de Noailles experimented and created artistic montages that became her own path to modernity.

The house itself became a montage, as she combined, for example, texts by various writers, paintings by Goya, Dalí, Rubens or antique sculptures with snow globes, postcards and other objects. In this way, she contrasted high culture with everyday kitsch and art to create a surprising coexistence. Moreover, she and her husband continued these contrasting moments in the interior design as well. Thus, a unique place was created, the spirit of which lives on to this day in the various festivals and exhibitions held there.

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