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Trees as the centre of life

In addition to the yew tree, trees have emerged up to our time that still have a prominent significance in people‘s social life.

Mention should be made of the maypole, which is erected every year on 1 May and is an enduring tradition in the German-speaking world. Dancing around the maypole, stealing the maypole and other customs are associated with the maypole.

The lime tree has also been revered as a sacred tree since time immemorial and has survived to this day as the village lime tree. People used to meet under the lime tree to chat and exchange ideas. Courts were held, celebrations were held and dances were held under the lime tree. The lime tree was the centre of village life and village and market squares are dominated by old lime trees. The horse chestnut, which was only introduced to Central Europe from Greece in the 16th century, quickly became a „fashionable tree“.

Parks, avenues and, in the 19th century, people‘s parks were planted with chestnuts and to this day there is hardly a beer garden without chestnuts.

Whether lime trees, chestnuts, walnut trees, beeches, whether sacred or simply fashionable: people always feel comfortable under trees, trees protect and shelter in the truest sense of the word and create a feel-good atmosphere through their exhalations of essential oils. And especially in summer, trees are indispensable, because under their canopy there is a pleasant climate, the temperature is usually 4 to 5 degrees below unshaded areas, so that under the protection of the green giants an „oasis“ is created, which people have always regarded as pleasant and conducive to communication. This is where people like to spend time, where they meet and cultivate community and togetherness. And as has also been scientifically proven in the meantime, the green of the leaves calms down, also „cools down“ emotionally, so that the quality of relaxation is high for this reason alone.

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