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Trees in the center | Tree is life

Trees are symbols of the eternal cycle of the world, they are the axis of the world and connect heaven, earth and the underworld. In many cultures, they play an important role in the creation myths as a world tree, which even the earliest cave drawings such as the world tree in the cave labyrinth of La Pileta in southern Spain seem to document. In Norse mythology, the world ash tree Yggdrasil embodies the entire cosmos of the world.

Trees are the seat of the gods and almost every culture has its own stories and myths surrounding certain sacred trees. Whether the Egyptians with the Isched tree, the Indians with the Asvattha tree, the Sidra tree in Islam, the Sakaki tree in Japan, the Tree of Life of the Hebrews, the Tree of the Hesperides among the Greeks: Trees are associated with the gods and symbolise the world. They are the ancestors of mankind and a sign of cosmic order and fertility.

Trees also play an important role in religions: Siddhartha found enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, in the Old Testament the tree of knowledge with its apple plays the decisive role in the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise.

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