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Visionary from Brazil

To change the world, you have to start with yourself and on your doorstep – this is exactly what the young Brazilian architect Ester Carro has put into practice.

With courage, perseverance and an unshakeable belief that change is possible even where no one expects it, Ester Carro has transformed a rubbish dump into a park in her favela neighbourhood Jardim Colombo in São Paulo and turned usable scrap materials such as car tyres into colourful seating or refrigerators into bookshelves for the residents. The result is the Fazendinhando Park, which for the first time gives the people in the favela the opportunity to relax, meet and exchange with each other in a green space. A playground for the children has been built, and for the first time, playing football is possible away from the mountains of rubbish and narrow alleys. And thanks to the tireless initiative of Ester Carro, the precious park is kept clean and tidy together with the people living there in rubbish collection campaigns. In the future, she also wants to plant a garden there so that the residents of Jardim Colombo can provide themselves with fresh vegetables.

Fazendinhando Park is not the only example in Brazil of how new, healthy worlds can be created from mountains of rubbish. In Rio de Janeiro, too, the Parque Sitiê, which became a model for Ester Carro, was created in a favela on the private initiative of the residents. Everything is possible if the vision is there.

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