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Warmth and healingpower of nature | Tuscan thermal baths

What a rich landscape in Tuscany!

Not only the olive groves and vineyards and mountains, the rich ore deposits exploited for centuries, or the quarries of Carrara with its world- famous marble: hot springs also contribute to a unique natural treasure that people have been using for thousands of years.

Thanks to geothermal phenomena, hot springs bubble up in Tuscany not only in the Biancane di Monterotondo Marittimo Nature Park, but in so many places that Tuscany has the most thermal springs in Italy. And already early one recognized the use of these thermal waters, which do not only provide warmth on cold days, but also unfold health effects. Already Etruscans and Romans knew to appreciate this: Today’s thermal baths of Venturina, for example, were known and loved in Etruscan times as “Caldana” and by the Romans as “Aquae Populoniae”, because 36° Celsius warm and sulfurous mineral waters pampered even then joints, bones, skin and the vapors helped bronchi and lungs. This has not changed until today.

Thanks to these treasures, Tuscany is an invitation to pleasure and health, because both can be perfectly combined here. And because many of the thermal baths are “only” walled or consist of natural pools, you can discover unique beautiful thermal experiences beyond spa & co.

The luxury of diving into the warm springs in the open air, at any time, completely free of charge, allows for unique experiences that are quiet, but all the more lasting for it. Among the most impressive natural spas are without a doubt those of Petriolo, located between the Val di Merse and the Maremma.

The thermal baths of Saturnia in the municipality of Manciano are not only among the most beautiful, because nature has grown here unique sinter terraces, in whose tubs you can indulge in the healing, warming water. They are also said to be of divine origin, because Saturn himself is said to have participated in their creation. According to the one legend, the pools were created by the lightning bolts that Saturn and Jupiter threw at each other in a quarrel. Another legend has not lost its hopeful character to this day: Saturn is said to have hurled lightning bolts out of anger at warlike humans. One of the lightning bolts struck a volcanic crater, from which warm sulfurous water gushed forth, pacifying the people and making them wiser and happier. A bath in the morning or evening hours bathes the terraces in soft light and the peaceful atmosphere brings the legend to life. A special moment!

Historical are also the thermal baths of San Casciano dei Bagni, a medieval town whose roots go back to Etruscans and Romans. They had discovered the hot springs for themselves and used the more than 40 springs for healing and bathing purposes. With the decline of the Roman Empire, the bathing business gradually came to a standstill and it was not until the 16th century that the benefits of the thermal waters were rediscovered. Today the historical pools are still preserved and it is possible to immerse oneself in the healing waters, sometimes hidden in the woods...

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