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Be a world explorer. Individual, luxurious and exciting

When globetrotters like Dieter Forsen go on a journey with his cruise guests, new paths are the order of the day! At the age of 25, the adventurer has already crossed the Sahara on foot and to date has travelled to 185 countries around the world.

And so, with his company CONSUL-Weltreisen, he offers cruises that are outstanding many times over. Personal, luxurious, perfectly organised, on surprising routes and in a private jet with people who are united in being aware of their own wishes and respecting them. An art of living that only a few have mastered. With CONSUL world travels you come closer to the world and to yourself. Always with you, the permanent crew and your private chef for fine gourmet menus that conjure up extraordinary moments even above the clouds.

Our lifestyle magazine SIGNATURE by DIANIUM RESIDENCE - Leading Real Estate Company of the World, enriches you in its 2nd issue with inspiring and interesting articles about the Cote d'azur.


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EDITION 3 - 2022

Read now the fifth issue of SIGNATURE by Dianium Residence magazine.



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